pool businessIn recent months, we have written blogs about how to make your pool business stand out and steps to take for successful sales this summer. While there are numerous steps you can take to positively impact your business, there are also many negatives that you should avoid.

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Don’t Lose Site of Your Overhead

Most pool builders and contractors have a good grasp of the various supplies, materials, and products that go into their work and a project. But monitoring the overhead costs, such as total labor, licenses, permits, insurance, and other expenses, can be a far more difficult budget to manage. Failure to properly manage it can quickly derail your business.

Don’t Go into a Project Without a Clear Estimate, Installation Plan, or Contract

Without having each of these clearly laid out, confusion is bound to ensue. When the scope of the work is not properly conveyed in the contract, it’s common for arguments and disagreements between the builder/contractor and customer over what was or was not agreed upon. Avoid these types of issues with a strong contract and a concrete installation plan that are backed by an accurate estimate.

Don’t Operate Without a Strong Marketing Plan

There is no denying that word of mouth is still your best source of advertising. However, with the increasingly internet-connected world we live in, relying solely on word of mouth could negatively impact the amount of business you get. There are numerous affordable ways to get your name out, such as Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, and more. Don’t sit and wait for customers – go out and get them.

When you think about it, these three “don’ts” are, in fact, three massive “do’s!” DO maintain an accurate, well-managed overhead. DO approach a project with a clear estimate, installation plan, and contract. DO develop a strong marketing plan for your company, whether it’s just you or you have 50 employees. Do these three things and you will put your pool business in a position to succeed.