Who do you supply pool equipment to?

We sell wholesale pool equipment and supplies to small and large licensed pool contractors throughout Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. We do not sell to individuals. If you have a business license in the pool industry, we look forward to meeting your needs. Learn more about becoming a PES customer.

How can I become a customer of PES?

Please complete this customer application and email or bring it to your local branch to begin the process of becoming a PES customer.

Where are you located?

Pool Equipment Supply has locations in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. View all of our locations and contact information.

How long has PES been in the industry?

Pool Equipment and Supply was founded in 1982 in Montgomery, Alabama.

How can I contact you?

Please contact the branch closest to where you are located. View our branch locations.

I’m a private pool owner. Can I order equipment from you?

No, PES only sells equipment to small and large licensed pool contractors in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. Ask your contractor if they order from PES.

What if the location nearest me doesn’t have the part I need?

If a part you need isn’t available at the nearest location, we will ship it to you from another location. Among our seven warehouses, we always have quick access to any part, equipment, or product you may need.

What products do you offer?

PES sells thousands of pool and spa products. View a complete list of our vendors or contact us for more information.

How do I know if you carry the product I need?

To receive information about a particular product you need, please contact us. We are happy to tell you whether or not we have it in stock and how much it costs.