swimming pool business marketingLabor Day has come and gone, and while there is still some valuable swimming time left, the winter months are fast approaching. With the inevitable slowing of business that comes with the cold, it’s a great time to start thinking about some affordable and effective ways to market your pool business so 2019 can be your best year ever.

Get Active on Social Media

While you may already have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page for your company, it’s important to ensure you’re maximizing your efforts. If your pool business hasn’t made a post in 2 years, you could be losing business! Being active on social media shows potential customers that you’re open for business and listening to them. Frequent posts will keep you fresh in people’s minds when the seasons starts up again.

Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube videos can go hand in hand with other social media efforts, and they won’t cost you much, if anything, to create. Though you can invest in a decent video camera, modern smartphones can get the job done. Videos are a great way to provide people with useful information and can be a fun way to show off your company’s personality. The amount of content in the pool industry is virtually endless – you can make short videos with a pool maintenance tip and longer videos about great backyard DIY projects.

Maintain Your Online Listings

These days, online ratings and reviews significantly impact a company’s health, for better or worse. Every second of the day, people are Googling businesses, checking ratings on Yelp, and making decisions based on those ratings. You should have an active presence in this by responding to your online reviews. When your pool company gets a great review, say a quick thank you and let the customer know you appreciate them. If you get a negative review, respond tactfully and request that the customer contact you, so you can figure out a solution. This signals to viewers that you take your business and your customers seriously.

These three options can essentially be implemented into your pool company’s marketing with a little bit of time and effort. Spend the offseason building an audience and getting your name out so that come summertime, you’re the first one people think of when looking for pool services.

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