pool safety cover

With cooler weather approaching, your customers may contact you for tips and tricks to ready their pool before winter, depending on the climate you live in. While some people cover and forget about their pool until swim weather returns, it’s imperative to take the necessary steps to prepare it for the winter months ahead. If your customers do the work now, there will be less cleaning in spring.

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Consider the following tips to tell your customers about how to care for their pool in the final warm month of the year:

Maintain Pool Chemicals

Some customers may think that draining their pool is an option, but this can be disastrous for most pools. Instead, a good option is for your customer to make sure to maintain the pool’s chemicals all winter long. Encourage them to check the chemicals once a month. This will save them money in the long run, and save their pool from algae, bacteria, and contamination.

Add a Pool Safety Cover

Adding a pool safety cover can be one of the most effective ways your customers can protect their pool. Pool safety covers are quite strong and are designed to keep debris, such as leaves, sticks, and acorns out. These seemingly insignificant objects can clog your filter, stain your pool, and effect the water chemistry, causing problems for the spring.

Check Pool Parts

Pumps and pipes can be costly to replace. Before winter arrives, check all pool parts to ensure they are working appropriately. If there is water in the pipes when the weather drops below freezing, it can freeze and cause the plastic to expand and crack. To help avoid this, change the timers on the pool to run from late at night to the early morning or put freeze protection on the pool. With freeze protection, if the temperature drops to 38 degrees the system turns on automatically, avoiding any freezing of the pipes.

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