Over the last several years, online reviews have become one of the primary factors in helping consumers make purchasing decisions. Reviews are especially important in the pool and spa industry where the products and services cost thousands of dollars. However, it’s crucial that your company actively responds to the reviews it receives, especially the negative ones. Here are 3 reasons to engage with customer feedback:

It Makes an Impression on Customers (and Future Customers)

Most customers just want to be heard and responding to them is a great way to acknowledge them and show them they aren’t being ignored. Responding to positive reviews can strengthen and reinforce your brand’s image. Responding to negative reviews will show that you’re committed to good customer service. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people who leave negative reviews to remove their review once they’ve been responded to. When potential customers see that you’re proactive in responding to concerns, they’re much more likely to choose your company.

It Personalizes Your Brand

Many companies completely ignore their online reviews, which can be a serious mistake. It makes it harder to improve services and it leads to a significantly less personal experience for your customers. Responding to your reviewers adds a personal touch to your business that can have a significantly positive impact on your image. Consumers prefer to deal with a personal company rather than a cold, emotionless entity that doesn’t acknowledge their feedback, particularly when it involves a major purchase like a pool or hot tub.

It Can Improve Your SEO

Online reviews, particularly through major sites like Google and Yelp, can improve your SEO. However, responding to your reviews can also improve your SEO. Sites like Google emphasize providing its users with businesses that are highly credible. By responding to your reviews, you will increase your business’ credibility which will have a positive impact on your SEO. With the amount of pool building and servicing companies that are likely in your area, better SEO can be a gamechanger.

Responding to reviews can seem like a tedious and even a pointless task – but it’s well worth the time you invest in it. Maintaining a good reputation online is crucial and will only grow more important in the future.

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