pool professionalWhen you’re working with a customer on a pool sale and, eventually, an installation, there are countless pieces of advice and information that you probably want to share. If you’re like us, you’ve probably got enough to write an entire book on what someone interested in owning a pool should know. Here are three of the most important facts that you should absolutely share with your customers who are buying pools.

A Pool Service Professional Can Help Them Maximize Their Pool

Other than gaining recurring business or providing a referral to a colleague (who will hopefully return the favor), it’s never a bad idea to share the importance of having a pool professional. While there is a lot they can do themselves, having a trained expert to help maintain their chemicals, filters, and other systems is the best way to enjoy a clean, operational pool for years to come.

Build a Fence

Safety fences are required by law in some states, but sadly, not all. Whether you and your customers live in a state with fence requirements or one without, always express the importance of a safety fence for their pools. This should hopefully be a no-brainer for people with children, but many customers may fail to realize the potential liability that comes with owning a pool. While they may not be thrilled about adding on to the expense of a pool, most will understand why it’s important.

They Should Notify Their Insurance Company

One of the last things someone wants to do when a fun new pool is being built in their backyard is to call their insurance provider. However, similar to the reasons for adding a fence, a swimming pool brings with it new liability that your house did not previously have. This means updating their homeowner’s or property insurance is a very important step to take.

Each of these topics may not be as much fun as discussing what pool toys they should get their children or what drinks and food they should provide at their first pool party, but these are facts that they need to know. As the expert, you’re as good a person as anyone to give them these subtle reminders.

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