the bottom of a pool being cleanedAs you know, the pool and spa industry can be a difficult one to succeed in – but it can also be an incredibly rewarding one. At Pool Equipment & Supply, we’ve found there to be several traits that virtually all successful pool and spa companies possess, regardless of their specialties.

Responsive, Reliable Communication

Like any industry, poor communication is never a good thing. But when a customer has invested many thousands of dollars in a swimming pool, communication becomes even more paramount. From planning to installation to service, always communicate with your customers so they have a good idea of what’s going on. This helps build a loyal customer base that will return in the future and provide great word of mouth advertising, and it’s doubly important in 2019 with online reviews.

Commitment to Quality

When it comes to your company’s products and services, quality should be king. It’s easy to cut corners or try to take the easiest path while building a pool or spa, but this will only backfire in the end. If you’re building 20% more pools, but none of them are as high quality as they could be, your business will eventually suffer. Instill this commitment to quality in your team so all customers and future customers think quality when they think of your brand.

Positive Work Environment

One of the biggest challenges facing the pool and spa industry today is the difficulty attracting new talent and retaining it. This industry is often not even on the radar of most millennials entering the job market. By creating an environment of positivity that recognizes good work provides a strong work-life balance, your company can develop a culture that attracts talented workers.

There are dozens of traits of successful businesses, but these are three of the most crucial in the pool industry. Think deeply about each of these in relation to your company – do you and your employees embody these traits? If not, you can change that now. Get to work and your business will be better off for it.

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