When you’re installing a new swimming pool in your customer’s backyard, their main thought is almost certainly about the fun that awaits them, their family, and their friends. That’s a good thing and to be expected. But it’s also crucial that prospective pool owners understand the need for pool safety fixtures and rules. In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of pool safety fences. Here are three other great ways to improve pool safety.

Get a Safety Cover

safety coverA safety cover is a wonderful investment that protects the pool itself as well as people around the pool. It’s perfect for the off-months or if the homeowner takes a long vacation. Chances are you’ve already discussed a safety cover’s benefits with your customers, but focusing on the different levels of protection they provide can be a key selling point.

Invest in a Pool Alarm

Pool alarms are a modern safety measure that many customers may not even be aware of. These are perfect for the tech-savvy homeowners who are looking for the cutting edge in pool safety. There are multiple types of pool alarms for people to take advantage of based on their needs. Some options are perimeter alarms, which operate like an invisible fence, or gate alarms, which sound when the pool gate is opened.

Set Specific Rules and Consider a Rules Sign

It’s easy to come up with pool rules, like no roughhousing, no running, no children without adult supervision, and more. But it’s important for your customers to understand that these rules need to be understood by all of their guests and actually enforced. You may suggest that they invest in a custom rules sign for their pool.

By firmly instilling the importance of pool safety through these proven methods in your customers, they can enjoy fun, safe swimming in their new pools. If you’re looking for the best pool products available, contact Pool Equipment & Supply to become a customer and let our experts keep you fully stocked.