pool maintenanceYou’ve just finished installing a brand-new pool for one of your customers. They’re thrilled with your work and can’t wait to begin making wonderful memories with family and friends. However, they may have no idea where to begin when it comes to buying essential pool maintenance and cleaning products. Instill the importance of pool maintenance in your customers by encouraging them to invest in these four products:

Pool Leaf Skimmer Net

Skimmer nets are among the most basic and easily overlooked pool maintenance supplies. However, it’s one of the most crucial tools for maintaining a clean pool. Skimmer nets are key to keeping debris such as leaves, sticks, and pinecones out of your pool.

Pool Cover

Having a hardy, reliable pool cover is an absolute must for a pool owner, regardless of location. While owners in colder climates may require a little more strength and longer use, even owners in the South need to cover their pools during the winter. Pool covers aren’t only beneficial in the off-season, but they can be key to keeping debris out of your pool on days when its not in use or when the owners are out of town.

Pump and Filter

Keeping a pool free from debris isn’t the only way to keep a pool clean. Uncirculated water can quickly lead to a buildup of bacteria, algae, and other grime. A pump will keep the water circulating and fresh while a filter can remove many of the impurities it contains.

Water Testing/Chemical Kit

While testing chemicals and sanitating pools are common knowledge to pool professionals, their importance may not be obvious to a new pool owner. Every pool owner should have a water testing kit that meets their specific needs and that they can use and understand.

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