Pools are no longer simply about entertainment, relaxation, and a way to escape the summer heat. In recent years they’ve become a staple feature of a stylish, modern backyard. There are multiple ways for your customers to achieve this, with hundreds of different decorative structures available on the market. Perhaps the most eye-catching one of all are pool waterfalls.

Pool Equipment & Supply is proud to provide its customers with two vendors who produce lines of beautiful pool waterfalls that are sure to excite and entice customers who want a more exotic look for their backyard.

Inter-Fab’s Pool Waterfalls

Inter-Fab carries two different lines of pool waterfalls, each line having multiple options, with a goal of helping customers create a personal oasis in their backyard.

Boulder Springs Collection

The first line produced by Inter-Fab is the Boulder Springs collection. This particular line is designed to look more rugged and natural, almost as if it was a natural rock formation. Most of the options in this line are even molded from actual rock outcroppings in order to increase their realism!

pool waterfall

Edgestone Series

This second series by Inter-Fab, Edgestone, is constructed to have the appearance of hand-laid, stacked fieldstone. The stone patterns are creative and present clean, straight-edged designs. The waterfalls in the Edgestone series also include integrated planters in their design in order to make them stand out even more as the backyard centerpiece.

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RicoRock’s Pool Waterfalls

RicoRock specializes in pool waterfalls and other rock-like accessories to complement their waterfall products. Similar to Inter-Fab’s Boulder Springs collection, RicoRock’s designs are meant to mimic nature with realistic rock sheets, cascades, ledgers, and grotto waterfalls. They have a wide variety of sizes and multiple rock styles. Some of their kits are designed to be do-it-yourself projects for the customer.

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Browse RicoRock’s waterfall kits.

Custom Options

RicoRock also makes custom waterfall kits that are simply breathtaking! Their custom kits include grottos and mini-caves that are big enough for swimmers to sit in and escape the blazing the sun.

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Browse RicoRock’s custom waterfall products.

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