pool safety coverHere at Pool Equipment and Supply, one of our primary vendors of pool liners and safety covers is GLI Pool Products. GLI is a world class manufacturer specializing in pool vinyl liners for both in-ground and above-ground pools, customer pool safety covers, pool safety fences, and more. In addition to their top of the line products, GLI offers a great repair and replacement program for safety covers.

This program allows your customers to send in their worn or damaged safety cover to ensure that their pool gets the protection it needs during the winter. GLI provides everything pool owners need to return their pool safety cover, including a box and shipping labels.


When you send your old cover in, it will be put through a comprehensive, 20-point inspection by a qualified technician. If it is determined to be repairable, customers will receive a quote for the proposed repairs (typically between $250 and $1,000). If the estimated cost of repair exceeds $300, customers will also receive a quote for a new cover. Repairs begin as soon as a purchase order is received.


Following the 20-point inspection, if a pool cover contains severely degraded material, numerous holes, or any other serious damage that is beyond repair, customers will receive a quote for the cost of replacement. Should a customer opt for a replacement cover, GLI’s technicians will measure your cover, paying attention to the holes used to secure it to ensure that they stay as consistent for anchor locations as possible.

Safety Covers by GLI

Be sure to share GLI’s great covers with your customers, including:

  • Promesh Safety Cover – Polypropylene mesh that blocks algae-producing UV rays. Nearly 50% lighter than standard solid covers, making installation and removal easier.
  • Hyperlite Solid Safety Cover – High performance, lightweight, PVC coated fabric. 30% lighter than standard solid covers and 50% stronger. Offers 3 drain options and protects pool from algae growth with 100% sunlight blockage.
  • Secur-A-Pool Mesh Safety Cover – Lightweight polypropylene mesh fabric featuring an increased weave count, improving strength and shading. Allows water and melting snow to drain through, eliminating standing water hazards.

If you’re interested in these incredible pool safety cover offerings for your customers, contact your nearest Pool Equipment & Supply today to learn how we can help you.