pool mythThere are numerous myths about pools and swimming that have been spread and believed for years. While many of them are harmless, most of them are completely untrue and can have an impact on you and your fellow swimmers. Take a look at these swimming pool myths that you’ve probably heard before.

Pool Myth #1 – There is a pool chemical that turns urine blue

This myth has been around for decades and has been popularized by numerous mentions in popular culture. It also came to prominence in the 2011 Adam Sandler movie Grown-Ups. However, there is no urine-activated chemical in existence, despite what some may claim. It is simply a ploy to (rightfully) convince people not to pee in the pool.

Pool Myth #2 – Chlorine in the pool will turn your hair green

Unlike the non-existent blue dye, hair really can turn a little green after a swim. However, this phenomenon is not a result of chlorine. It’s actually caused by copper from various metal components (pipes, coils, etc.) as well as certain algaecides in which copper is an ingredient. When the copper has a chance to dry in the sun, and you shower and shampoo shortly after, you may end up dealing with a green tint in your hair. You can avoid this by conditioning your hair prior to your swim as well as following a swim by rinsing your hair with some lemon juice.

Pool Myth #3 – Swallowing some pool water is okay because chlorine kills all the germs

Hopefully, no one is out there just taking a gulp of pool water when they get a little thirsty during a swim. Ingesting pool water should be avoided as much as possible because chlorine does not kill all germs and bacteria. While it is a useful chemical, there are numerous types of bacteria and other nasty issues that it does not effectively handle. Pools are open to the elements, lots of human (and sometimes pet) swimmers, and more. This makes it crucial to instill good habits in swimmers from early on.

Pool Myth #4 – You don’t need to shower before a swim

Possibly the most commonly believed myth is that you don’t need to shower before hitting the pool. When you’re on vacation or it’s the middle of summer, you probably want to just roll out of bed right into the pool. When swimmers don’t bathe before getting in the pool, it can become a melting pot for body oil, sweat, cosmetic products, and other substances better left out of a pool.

You should never pee in the pool or swallow pool water (those two go hand in hand), you should shower before you swim, and swimming can turn your hair green but not from chlorine. It’s important to keep these truths in mind so that you and those around you can enjoy a safe, clean swimming experience. Whenever you hear any of these swimming pool myths being spread, do your best to debunk them so that others can benefit.

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