Over the last few decades, private pools have skyrocketed in popularity. This luxurious backyard addition has transformed into a necessity – and it just got better. Fiberglass pools are an excellent option for your customers due to how quickly they can be installed and their low maintenance needs.

fiberglass pools

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One of the primary decisions your customers must make at the beginning of the project is figuring out what kind of pool they want: vinyl, concrete, or fiberglass. Although in the past, concrete and vinyl were the primary pools of choice, fiberglass has surged in popularity in recent years. There’s good reason for this growth, as fiberglass pools have many benefits:


  1. Fiberglass pools require significantly less time to install than other types of pools. They typically take about two weeks and can occasionally take up to four weeks. Concrete and vinyl pools can take longer to install.
  2. While not the case in every single situation or location, fiberglass is generally less expensive than vinyl or concrete. While it is true that their initial cost can often be higher than vinyl pools, the cost of ongoing maintenance can be drastically lower. Because fiberglass is a nonporous surface, algae has a much more difficult time growing and, as a result, use of sanitation chemicals is also reduced.
  3. Both weekly and long-term maintenance is significantly reduced. Fiberglass is extremely flexible and durable and, when properly installed and cared for, will last a very long time.
  4. Stairs and seating are already built into the mold of a fiberglass pool. These specific parts come separate and can cost extra in vinyl and concrete pools.


Customers are somewhat limited in choices as far as the shape of the pool, due to the way they are molded. However, this is a relatively minor disadvantage. Sharing the advantages of fiberglass pools with your customers could be greatly beneficial to all involved parties.

fiberglass pools

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