Pool liners are an aspect of your customer’s pools that are easy to overlook due to their relatively long lifespan. A pool liner that needs to be replaced may not be immediately obvious to the untrained eye of a homeowner. For pool owners with vinyl liners, it’s important for you, as their professional, to help them understand the lifespan of the liner and when they need to replace it. Here are four questions you can answer for them so you’re both prepared when it’s time for a replacement.

What’s the average lifespan of my pool liner?

As with the lifespan of any structure people use, the lifespan of a pool liner can vary significantly based on how well it’s installed and maintained, the quality of the chemicals and water, and the amount of use it experiences. While there’s not an exact average number of years, most pool liners will last somewhere from 6 to 12 years. Encourage your customers to treat their vinyl pools with care to maximize their lifespan.

What signs do I need to look out for?

Some signs are pretty obvious, even to non-pool professionals such as tearing or leaking. Although some minor leaks can be patched, bigger leaks and tears will likely necessitate a replacement to avoid more serious damage to the pool itself and the surrounding area. Some less obvious signs are stains or faded sections that will occur naturally due to age, UV rays from sunlight, chemicals, and the elements. Fading, in particular, is not just cosmetic – it typically represents deterioration. Stretching and wrinkling of the liner can seem insignificant at the time, but the damage will only continue to get worse over time.

How much is a replacement?

Of course, as their pool professional, only you can answer this question. However, it may be beneficial to provide your customers with this information when their pool is installed, or at some other point early in the lifespan of their liner. This allows the customer to prepare for the eventual expense and avoid any surprises.

By answering these questions for your customers, you will provide them with the knowledge they need to take care of their liners while also preparing for the fact that at some point, a replacement will be necessary. Be sure to check out the various pool liners we offer at Pool Equipment & Supply.

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