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Two popular pool types are vinyl and gunite, and many customers have a hard time choosing between the two. They each have compelling advantages and disadvantages, so how can you advise your customers which one is right for them? Today we’re going to discuss some of the qualities of each and how you can point customers in the right direction.

Vinyl Liners

One of the immediate advantages of vinyl liners is the up-front cost. It can be the least expensive pool option, and small repairs can also be inexpensive. Talk to your customers about their budget. If gunite is out of their price range, the pool liner decision becomes a lot easier.

That’s not to say vinyl is cheap. Many customers ask about the pool liner’s durability, and while gunite is very long-lasting, vinyl is more resistant to damage than people might initially realize. Explain to your customers how to properly care for their pool. If they follow your advice, rips and tears in the vinyl become less of a threat.

Some customers might be under the impression that vinyl liners don’t give them a lot of options. That may have been the case several years ago, but today the possibilities are endless. Vinyl can be highly customizable in shape and size, and there are a large number of colors and patterns available.

Another important topic to discuss with your client is the feel of a vinyl liner. It is smooth and soft, making it less likely for your customers or their children to scrape their skin on the bottom of the pool. That alone can be a huge advantage to some pool owners, especially those with small children.

Gunite Pools

While gunite has a higher up-front cost, as a more durable and long-lasting pool type, it can have a lower lifetime cost if properly cared for. If your customers are interested in incorporating water features or other creative and artistic elements, gunite will be their best option. This kind of pool offers limitless flexibility and customization.

If you’re working with a commercial client, explain that gunite is more durable against potential vandalism. Sometimes commercial pool owners can’t control whether or not the hundreds of people who use the pool daily will treat it with respect. Gunite is a good way to protect their investment.

Gunite requires more maintenance than vinyl pool liners. As a porous material, gunite can grow algae without proper use of chemicals and filters or regular cleaning. Customers who are busy or who express interest in easy pool care might not find gunite to be the best choice for them. Damaged gunite can also be more expensive to repair than vinyl.

Trust PES for Your Pool & Liner Needs

Take the time to explain in-depth the pool choices your customer has. This will help them make an informed decision that will leave them satisfied with your work for years to come. To help you, Pool Equipment & Supply provides top-quality pool liners from a variety of manufacturers:

  • GLI
  • Hydra Pools
  • Imperial Pools
  • Latham
  • Merlin
  • Tara

Learn more about our pool liners and contact your local PES branch for more information about which pool type to recommend to your customers.