A person cleaning and maintaining a pool with a net and pool cleanerIn the pool and spa industry, your business is heavily defined by the quality and performance of your employees. Whether you run a small 5-person operation, or your team consists of dozens of people in various positions, ensuring that you get the best work from your pool employees is crucial to your success. We’ve put together 3 of the best ways pool professionals can encourage great work from their team.

Recognize Good Work

While praising your employees may seem obvious, during the course of a busy week, it can be easy to forget. Whether you’ve got a salesperson who exceeded their quota for hot tub sales or a service technician who has gotten rave reviews from your customers, be sure to recognize them for a job well done. Recognition goes a long way towards encouraging hard work to continue. This can be supplemented with appropriate incentives and bonuses.

Don’t Micromanage

Businesses in the pool and spa industry are frequently family-run and thus, very personal. Because of this, it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to micromanage every pool employee. Instead, focus on quality hiring and adequate training from the beginning so you can allow your team to work without the need for micromanagement. Employees will appreciate your trust and confidence and them, and they’ll feel empowered to do quality work.

Focus on Company Culture

Particularly with smaller pool companies, presenting yourself as the scary, authoritative boss can be detrimental. Instead, encourage good communication among your employees and ensure them that their voices and opinions will be heard. By creating a culture of good communication and mutual respect, your employees will feel valued and inspired to work hard for you.

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