hardscapeNearly as important as the actual swimming pool for many of your customers is, undoubtedly, the hardscape around it. From stone and concrete to brick, the hardscape is crucial for a beautiful and complete background oasis. Although hardscapes have a good, long lifespan, they are neither indestructible nor immortal. Eventually, they will begin to show wear and age, losing their attractiveness. Thankfully, SEK-Surebond has created an easy, step-by-step solution that will have hardscapes looking brand new.

Hardscape Restoration & Maintenance System by SEK-Surebond

SEK-Surebond developed their restoration system to help owners protect their investments and maintain the beauty of their hardscapes. They offer the specialty cleaners and tools needed for the job. Additionally, they have put together five steps for restoring a hardscape.

  1. Make Necessary Repairs – This could mean removing the pavers so the base can be refilled and made level again. Edge restraints, if the hardscape doesn’t already have them installed, are recommended to avoid future sinking.
  2. Perform Necessary Spot Cleaning – SEK-Surebond offers S.R.B. Stain & Rust Buster, a formula designed to remove non-greasy stains and rust. This will allow you to remove smaller, more focused stains from the hardscape.
  3. Clean the Entire Hardscape – SEK offers a product called Sureclean to remove embedded soil, dirt, and grime from your surface while preparing it to be sealed. It is recommended to use a flat surface cleaner to scrub the surface, followed by a pressure washer for maximum results.
  4. Install Joint Sand – SEK provides angular jointing sand that meets ASTM-C144 standards. It is recommended to wait 24 hours following cleaning before applying the joint sand.
  5. Apply Join Stabilizing Sealer – When you apply the sealer, be sure to protect surrounding structures from the sealing spray. SEK’s SB-8700 Wet Look Joint Stabilizing Sealer is a great option that seals, enhances, and stabilizes joint sand. It guards against corrosive materials and is stain resistant.

If you’re interested in SEK-Surebond products and methods for your customers’ hardscapes, be sure to contact your local Pool Equipment & Supply to learn how we can help. Learn more about SEK-Surebond’s Restoration & Maintenance System here.