pool trendsOver the past 40 years, pool trends have transformed from standard and simple to cutting-edge and elaborate. And, we’ve been able to witness it all. Pool Equipment & Supply is proud to be a distributor in such a fast-paced industry. We promise to provide the best pool products to you, our customer.

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Consider the following four pool trends that will surely impress your customers:

Blazing Features

More customers are seeking the hot and cool combination that provides an illusion of a tropical paradise. Adding a barbeque to the deck or a fireplace near the pool for chilly fall evenings will give your customers a cozy feeling that they can’t resist. Other fire feature ideas include tiki torches, lanterns, fire bowls, fire pits, and more.

Innovative Technology

Pools now have the ability to connect with modern-day technology. Your customers can setup their smartphone to sync to their pool. This allows them to control aspects such as the lighting, pumps, temperature, and music. Add built-in speakers to the pool’s landscape and the pool can turn into an underwater dance floor.

Top-Choice Materials

The vendors we work with produce high-end materials that last for many years. Pool owners do not want cheap-looking material that has a short lifespan. They are more willing to pay top dollar for quality products that last a long time.

Tanning Shelf

Today, pools consist of much more than just the shallow end and deep end. For example, more homeowners are asking for a ledge that juts out from the side of the pool in order to simultaneously tan and enjoy the water. This tanning ledge or shelf is a great place to put lounging chairs or floats.

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