pool building surveyor The business of pool building and contracting is difficult to survive in. Pools and spas are luxury amenities, and whenever the economy hits a rough patch or the real estate market struggles, pool building companies are some of the first to feel the effects. While 2017 will hopefully be an improvement over 2016 as far as the market is concerned, there are a few ways you can make your pool building business stand out from the competition and succeed.

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Be Willing to Travel

In a good economy, an average pool company can survive and a great pool company can thrive in one city or area. However, with the state the economy has been in for years, restricting yourself to just one region can be costly. The expense or difficulty of travelling is nothing compared to the expense of not having work in your city of residence. Be willing to travel outside of your normal area, even if it’s to another state, if that’s what it takes during slower business times.

Don’t Panic With a Price Cut

One way that some pool builders and contractors respond is to slash prices on pools and expenses on labor. While there are always going to be consumers who shop for the cheapest, keeping your prices steady should signal the quality of your work. The old saying that “cheap isn’t good and good isn’t cheap” applies here.

pool building tileFigure Out Your Specialty

While you should never limit yourself or your company, developing a specialty or a niche could be just what you need to kickstart your business. The fact is that there will always be numerous pool building companies in your general area. Developing a specialty and then working to become the best at it could be the key to more business.

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