One of the best ways to prepare for and find success this summer with your pool company is to stay up to date with the latest pool trends. Like other industries, the pool and spa industry experiences major trend shifts on a regular basis. We’ve put together a few of the more popular trends in 2019 for you to consider.

Single Depth/Lap Pools

Lap pools have grown in popularity in recent years with wealthier homeowners. They’re perfect for those with smaller residential lots who want the ability to exercise at home. This may be a great solution for higher-end clients without a lot of space to build.

Darker Pool Finishes

Darker pool finishes are quickly becoming more popular than ever with consumers moving away from the traditional light blue or white finishes. Darker finishes add a unique dash of style and feel similar to a lagoon or ocean.

Sun Shelves

Sun shelves have been a growing trend for the last few years, and this hasn’t changed in 2019. A sun shelf allows pool owners to have the best of both worlds – relaxing in the sun and staying cool in the water. These can also be great features for parents with small children since the water is generally no more than a foot deep.

Smart Pools & Automation

Another trend that has continued to gain more popularity over the last few years is automation. Smart phones, smart tv’s, and smart homes are commonplace now, and pools are slowly entering the smart fray as well. Incorporate automation systems, like remote control heating and lighting, into your plans for 2019 and many of your customers will want to take advantage of it.

While there are countless pool trends for 2019, these are four of the fastest growing. Adding some of these trends to your service offerings for the coming year can help you and your company stay current in the pool and spa industry.

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