outdoor shot of a custom built poolEach year brings new and continuing trends for the swimming pool and spa industry. While they may not all work for your company, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with what’s popular. You may find something new your team is capable of offering customers, allowing you to grow or improve your business. Give some thought to these popular pool trends.

Rectangular Shapes & Straight Lines

Over the last several years, there’s been a slowly building trend away from rounder pools and towards rectangular pools with straight, clean lines. Straighter lines aid in providing a more modern look. Rock, flagstone, and other similar materials are popularly used to achieve this.

Natural Swimming Pool

As society embraces natural and organic goods, the pool industry is no different. The organic filtration and lack of lab chemicals has made natural swimming pools an increasingly popular choice for new pool owners. One challenge of natural pools is the need for a secondary pool with plants that filter the main pool’s water. This requires some gardening work by the owner to keep the plants healthy.

Fire Pits & Fire Features

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces have grown more and more common as homeowners seek to make their backyards good spots for entertaining friends and family all year round. For pool companies with the necessary capabilities, fire pit construction can be an excellent service to help grow your business.

LED Lighting

Lighting has become a key aspect of a homeowner’s outdoor aesthetic, and pool lighting is no different. LED lights have long lifespans, are energy efficient, and come in numerous colors. This means pool owners can enjoy night swimming in a colorful, visually stunning environment.

Whether you’re interested in building your business or simply better serving your customers, offering services related to the latest trends can be very helpful. Discuss these trends with your team during the offseason to figure out if you can add a new service or option.

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