pool designWe love hearing about and seeing the new pool innovations from our vendors. Improved equipment and striking pool styles are always entering the pool and spa market, and as a distributor in business for almost 35 years, Pool Equipment & Supply gets to see firsthand the ways that pool design changes.

Here are some of the pool design trends we’ve seen over the past year. To offer your customers these amazing options, become a PES customer and begin taking advantage of our countless products in-stock at locations in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

Vanishing Edges

Vanishing edge pool design was commonly found at resorts. But now, homeowners can preserve the view of their backyard by using this design for their pool. Pools with vanishing edges come in a few types:

  • Knife edges: an extremely thin border around the pool
  • Perimeter overflows: in which the water runs over the edges into a basin and is pumped back into the pool
  • 360° infinity edges: a spa or pool design in which the entire perimeter appears to blend into the horizon

Tanning Ledges

A tanning ledge, also called a Baja shelf, allows pool owners to tan and take advantage of the refreshing pool water at the same time. The ledges are wide and shallow, allowing people to lie in the water or set up a chair and umbrella. The umbrella can even be built into the ledge.

Natural Pools

Lately, everything from food to skin care to pools is becoming more natural. Some people don’t want the harsh chemicals required to keep a pool clean, so natural pools, also called bio pools, are quickly becoming more popular.

Natural pool design uses a smaller pool filled with aquatic plants and rocks to filter water before it is piped into the swimming pool. The plants and rocks treat and purify the water, so pool owners don’t need to add chemicals to their pool. As an added benefit, this can lower maintenance costs.

Fire Features

Water features have been part of pool design for years. Now, many pool builders are beginning to add gas-powered fire features, such as lanterns or bowls around pools. Some of these fire features even include water features: a fire bowl can have a flame at the top with water spilling out of the bottom.

Plus, fire features make for a beautiful atmosphere for swimming at night. And when the nights become colder, they can keep swimmers warm.

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