Perhaps one of the biggest negatives for pool owners and one of the primary reasons why prospective pool owners are hesitant to buy a pool is the misconception that the pool can only be used during the summer months. It’s true that the summer months are prime pool season, as jumping in the pool is the quickest and most entertaining way to cool off. But many pool owners yearn to be able to swim long before or after the summer. By adding pool heaters to your inventory, you can satisfy this yearning for your customers!

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At Pool Equipment and Supply, we carry pool heaters from two excellent vendors, Hayward and Pentair. Each of these brands provides numerous options, depending on your needs.

Hayward Pool Heaters

Pool heaters offered by Hayward include:

pool heatersH-Series Millivolt

The Millivolt pool heater comes in two different models featuring a pilot ignition system, rust resistant water path, and a rapid-heat combustion chamber. It requires no external power supply for operation.

Universal H Series

The Universal is Hayward’s most energy efficient model available. It features a standard cupro nickel heat exchanger, excellent salt water and chemical corrosion resistance, and more. There are 14 different models available with varying BTU outputs and options for natural or propane gas.

Pentair Pool Heaters

Pool heaters offered by Pentair include:

pool heatersMasterTemp Heater

The MasterTemp is eco-friendly, efficient, and convenient. It features user-friendly indicator lights and troubleshooting icons for easy monitoring, super quiet operation, and more!

ETi 400 High Efficiency Gas Heater

The ETi 400 features the TitanTough Direct-Fire Pure Titanium Heat Exchanger, the longest lasting heat exchanger ever built. It is capable of delivering 96% thermal efficiency, which is among the highest of any pool heater.

These are just a few of the great pool heater options we offer. If you are interested in providing these products to your customers, call your local Pool Equipment and Supply branch!