hot tub health benefits

Over the last few years, the hot tub industry has seen a steady increase in sales. Aqua Magazine even reported an 8 percent sales increase in the industry from 2016 to 2017. A major factor in the rejuvenation of this part of the market is the focus on health and wellness. Research shows that spas and hot tubs offer some incredible health benefits that your customers are sure to benefit from.

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It Relieves Stress

Perhaps the most obvious benefit comes in the way of stress relief. When people think of a vacation, one of the most common images includes relaxing in a luxurious spa. Similarly, after a long day at work, many people unwind with a hot bath. Submersing yourself in a hot tub helps release endorphins and stimulates blood flow which can relieve sore muscles, headaches, and more.

It Leads to Better Sleep

Recent studies have shown that a pre-bedtime soak in the hot tub can significantly improve sleep. The heat of the water helps the body relax by raising your body temperature. After getting out of the water, your body temperature goes back down, which can aid in the transition to sleep.

It Sooths Arthritis

For the same reasons a hot tub relieves stress and leads to better sleep, it also helps sooth those suffering from arthritis. The heat of the water can relieve arthritic pain and reduce the stiffness it causes. It also increases circulation, further relieving the pain. Swim spas, in particular, allow for safe, gentle exercise that could otherwise be painful and difficult for the joints and muscles of an arthritic person.

If you sell or service hot tubs and spas, sharing their health benefits with your customers could be a major benefit for your business. More than just being a luxury, they provide significant health benefits that potential customers are sure to be interested in.

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