pool and spa businessOne of the biggest mistakes any business can make is remaining stagnant. Your pool or spa business should constantly seek to improve – improve customer interactions, improve general operations, improve sales techniques. We’ve put together three of the most important things your pool business and its employees should be doing consistently to improve and ensure success in the industry.

Set Ambitious, Yet Attainable Goals

Goal setting is a key practice of most successful individuals. In fact, a Harvard Business study found that those who set goals are 10 times more successful than those without goals. Before the busy summer season starts, sit down with your team and come up with good goals to work towards during the year. This could be to sell a specific amount of spas or install pools in a more timely manner. Set goals and achieve them this year.

Stay Up to Date on the Latest Trends

Every industry sees trends and styles over time, but few see as many as the pool and spa industry. This can be especially true if your company offers full backyard services such as landscaping and patio furniture. By staying on top of the latest pool and spa trends, your business can stay current and take advantage of those trends.

Listen to Your Customers

Pool and spa customers are often vocal on social media and review sites – whether they’re ecstatic or disappointed, they often let you know. Whenever you get an online review (which you should be responding to), take the time to analyze what was said. If an employee was mentioned by name as being particularly helpful, recognize that employee – this can motivate them and their work. If the customer had a bad experience, figure out why so you can avoid similar mistakes in the future. Don’t be afraid to ask customers for more detail, particularly with negative reviews.

By taking these steps, you and your business will be setup for a successful year.

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