successful salesSummertime, prime pool-selling season, is right around the corner. In last month’s blog, we discussed great ways for your pool business to attract potential customers.  To keep your new customers happy (and to retain your loyal ones), make sure to train your employees properly, listen to the customer, and always follow up. These habits can also lead to more successful sales.

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Train Your Employees to Properly Represent Your Company

Be sure that employees who meet with clients to provide them with measurements and estimates are not only knowledgeable about your products, but are sensitive to the customer’s needs and wants. The image of the pushy salesperson exists for a reason. You do not want that to be a reflection of your company.


Always Listen to What the Customer Wants

Many consumers, especially in the pool industry, are probably used to being told again and again what they want. If the customer knows exactly what it is he or she is looking for, don’t try to push them in a different direction. You and your team may offer what you feel to be the best pool and spa package around.

However, don’t let this dictate what your customer can and cannot buy. Some customers may want the combo, some may want one or the other. If you’re too rigid in your offerings and are unwilling to provide what your customer wants, he or she will simply take their business somewhere that does.


successful salesFollow Up After Successful Sales

Don’t let successful sales be the final interaction you have with a customer. Send them a thank you card after the transaction. Consider sending out a monthly or quarterly eNewsletter promoting your services or offering discounts and specials. Doing this will keep you fresh in a customer’s mind so that the next time they need a service you offer your company will be the first one they think about.

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