As pool professionals ourselves, we understand how seasonal this business can be. For some, it can be so easy to simply send your summer business into hibernation for the winter while focusing on another job until it’s time to swim again. But there are many reasons to keep your attention on your pool contracting business this winter.

Provide Customers with Full Winterization Services

While many contractors offer at least some winterization assistance, providing your customers with a complete array of winter services could boost your business and improve your client relationships. From the initial winterization to monitoring during the coldest months, there are plenty of reasons customers will want to keep you around.

Grow Your Summer Services

Take the time to examine your business plan and investigate the recent market trends. Is there something you’re not offering that customers may be interested in? With the growing popularity of hot tubs, spas, and full backyard patio designs, there are numerous services and products you can consider adding for summer. Don’t miss out on potential business.

Highlight Great Pool Gifts

The off-season has one huge advantage going for it – it’s the season of giving! If you offer retail products and pool accessories, make your customers aware of any holiday-related promos or deals that might interest them and their friends.

Bolster Your Marketing Efforts

Whether you’re in need of simple, affordable marketing for your business or you just had a great year and are looking to pump some extra money into your advertising efforts, start it this off-season. The extra time you’ve got can be used to get your name out there and in the minds of potential customers so they know who to call next summer.

Make sure you explore all your options before heading into the colder months and slowing down. It’s a great time to get ahead of the competition for next summer, but it’s also a great time to do some extra business.

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