winterizingWith the freezing temperatures we’ve already experienced in the South this winter, now is a great time for your customers to consider winterizing their pools if they haven’t already. Whether they have an in-ground or above ground pool, winterizing will save them time and money when they eventually re-open their pools.

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Clean the Pool & Balance the Water Chemistry

Hopefully, your customers took the time to clean their pool in the fall before covering them. If they haven’t, or if it hasn’t been securely covered, get the pool cleaned of all debris first. The filters and filter hoses should also be cleaned and debris removed. Additionally, the chemistry levels need to be checked and properly balanced.

Drain the Pipes and Related Devices

If a pool is being closed down for the winter, make sure your customers know not to drain the pool. Instead, water should be drained from all pipes, filters, pumps, and the heater. These parts can burst when water freezes and expands. A variable speed pump (VSP) can further protect the pool by running at a low speed continuously and not allowing water to stand and freeze.

Make Use of Timers and Freeze Protection Timers

Freezing temperatures hit primarily during the late night and early morning hours. Your customers can combat the freezing temperatures by setting their timers to run during the coldest hours. Freeze protection is another great option because they turn on when the temperature drops too low. You can learn more in our recent blog.

Other Winterization Tips

They should cover the pool with a heavy, more resilient winter cover or safety cover. Ensure that their covers are not damaged and do not contain any holes. Pool owners should also store all of their equipment in a safe, secure place. Pool toys, detachable equipment (ladders, diving boards, etc.), and patio furniture should all be stored and secured.

With your help, your customers’ pools can safely survive the winter and be ready to go when the warmer months arrive. Help ensure that your customers are proactive about protecting their pools and pool equipment. Pool Equipment & Supply carries thousands of the pool products you need to better serve your customer. If you’re looking for variable speed pumps, freeze protection timers, or safety covers, contact your nearest branch.

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