pool company successful summerWith spring here and summer just around the corner, your company’s busy season is likely underway. Hopefully, you took advantage of the off-season to improve your services and assess your business. We’ve put together 3 great ways for you to build on your assessment and off-season planning to have an incredible summer.

Expand Your Market

If you have the manpower, this could be a great time to begin expanding into a new market for your company. Do you specialize in residential pools? Consider expanding to hotels, motels, or apartment complexes. By marketing to management staff like property managers and landlords, you could add a whole new section of business to your company.

Don’t Ignore Past Customers

In our industry, it can be so easy to get laser focused on continuously adding new customers to your client base. However, don’t let this keep you from upselling to your longtime customers. If you offer pool accessories, patio furniture, or any other supplemental products or services, try upselling them to customers you’ve served in the past. By continuing to add value to your customers, they’re likely to continue as long-term patrons of your business.

Set Up Your Online Listings

With every passing season, consumers are becoming more reliant on the internet. Whether someone needs a swimming pool or just pool maintenance services, chances are their first step to finding what they’re looking for will be to Google it. If you’ve created or claimed your Google My Business, Yelp, or Yahoo listings, you’ll be more likely to show up when potential customers search for your services. Setting these up won’t take you very long but could have long-lasting benefits.

There are so many ways you can help your pool company stand out and succeed this summer, but these are 3 of the best.

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